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(BioEnergy Resources Center/BioEnergy Genome Center), is a division of Chinese Academy of Sciences Qingdao Institute of BioEnergy and Bioprocess Technology (CAS-QIBEBT), a national institute established in 09/2006 dedicated for the R&D of bioenergy. BEGC's mission is to understand, explore, screen for and engineer microbes, algae and plants that are the key resources and foundation for a sustainable bioenergy industry under the unqiue natural and social environments of China.

The Center consists of six closely collaborating research groups (see figure below), where over 100 staff scientists and graduate students have been applying systems and synthetic biology approaches on the development of both model and non-model organisms and processes of crucial interest to the emerging bioenergy industry. For details on the contributing roles and exciting research in each group, please click on the figure below.


bio energy genome center