As one of the six research groups in BioEnergy Genome Center, the Functional Genomics Group has been discovering, characterizing and genetically manipulating single-cell microalgae, Gram-positive thermophilic bacteria and complex microbial communities that produce photosynthetic biofuels or degrade lignocellulose. To achieve these goals, the group applies both experimental and computational genomics approaches, with particular emphasis on the development of novel tools for sequencing, analysis and engineering of genomes, transcriptomes and regulomes.

The over 30 research staffs and graduate students in the Group are dynamically organized into five research teams: Algal Biofuel Team, Cellulosic Biofuel Team, Single-cell and Metagenomics Team, Computational Biology Team and Microfluidics Team.

For detailed description of our research missions, see ABOUT. Peer reviewed research articles from us are listed in PUBLICATIONS.

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