The Energy Plant Group is one of the six research groups in Bioenergy Resource Center and was founded in 2009. We have recruited 20 plus young and talented scientists and have developed several research facilities. We are determined to focus on the R&D of the aboriginal energy plants in China.

Bioenergy plant engineering is recognized as one of the important ideas to provide the sustainable energy sources worldwide without deteriorating the world of our own natural habitat. Many of the energy plants with high yields of biomass have been identified and characterized in western and eastern countries. These plants have paved the way of dispersing the seeds of sustainable energy in general population, thanks to the relentless work of bioenergy plant researchers, either in private or public sectors. However, most of the natural occurred species or subspecies were adapted to different environmental niches during the evolutionary course; and most of the artificial interspecific breeding lines do not have the desired traits that are suitable for agronomical application. It is of our great interest to develop plants with high yields of biomass to secure the greener and cleaner energy sources.


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