Welcome to Microalgae Biotechnology Group

Energy Microalgae Research group is focused on the R&D of microalgae biofuel technology. Through the understanding the growth and lipid oil accumulation of the oleagineous microglage species, develop variety of microalgae mass cultivation methods and cost-effective equipment, research efficient methods for harvesting and lipid oil extraction from microalgae cells. Based on the laboratory and pilot scaleup, complement the technological and economical evaluation of microaglae biofuel. The final target is to propose the technological blue print of microalgae biofuel for commercialization.

Research  Focuses

1.Screening and evaluation of characteristic microalgae species
2.Mass cultivation technology for microalgae and engineering practices
3.Industrial system construction for biofuel, valued chemicals and food products from microalgae
4.Environmental bioremediation by microalgae in CO2 sequestration and wastewater treatment
5. Production technology of unsaturated fatty acids.